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Hench-DADA VISITING ARTISTS: Alberto Hermida and Birgitta Hosea

September 29, 2010 30 comments
Alberto Hermida is a graduate in Media, a researcher and professor in the Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising (School of Media, University of Seville, Spain) and a visiting research fellow in the School of Media, Film and Music (University of Sussex,Brighton). Under the FPU research scholarship (a researcher and professor four-year training scholarship granted by the Spanish Government), Hermida is visiting the USC Hench-DADA program for a short-term research period. His thesis examines the deep impact that digital technologies have in the evolution and transformation of moving-image-collage, turning it into a key technique around contemporary audiovisual culture.
Birgitta Hosea is an artist and animator based in London and working in the field of expanded animation. Her work investigates hybrid forms of practice in which animation meets live presence. She has coined the term ‘post-animation’ to describe her practice, because it uses the tools of animation, but does not take the form of an animated film. Rather she creates interdisciplinary works that de-construct conventional notions of animation. Her interest is in exploring animation as both performance and performative act. Is it possible to be both ‘animator’ and also ‘animated’ at the same time?